Cockroach Pest Control Services Metro Manila

Cockroach Pest Control Services Metro Manila

May 5, 2018 pest control 0

Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of homeowners like discovering cockroaches. These pesky intruders are famous for being difficult to get rid of once they’ve made an appearance in a home or building.

If you’re battling these unwanted guests at your home, you might have some questions. Look at what you need to know about roaches.

Where Do Cockroaches Come From?

All you really need to know to understand cockroaches is that they’ve been around since dinosaurs roamed the planet. In addition to outliving what were some of the fiercest creatures that ever existed, cockroaches have been here millions of years longer than humans have.
Roaches are attracted to damp, dark hiding spaces. They routinely take up residence in cardboard boxes, dressers and books to remain unseen. Your basement or storage areas are prime targets for cockroach infestations. These pests are particularly attracted to areas that have leaky pipes or pools of moisture.

What Do They Want?
Roaches are attracted to sugar and carbohydrates. Their biggest desire is to raid your pantry and snack on all the goodies you’ve got stashed away. You can cut them off by sealing open food packages tightly and storing your dry ingredients in containers.

However, the scary part is that roaches can live for up to three months without any food source. In that time, these pests can hatch eggs and create a mighty infestation in your home.

Why Are Cockroaches Dangerous?
In addition to being creepy and crawly, roaches pose a real health concern for humans. They can carry diseases and trigger allergic reactions. They are known to bite humans quite regularly.
A bite from a cockroach can cause irritation, lesions and swelling of the skin. It’s obvious that simply ignoring a problem can lead to some serious consequences for your home and family. It is essential that you act to get rid of roaches before they take over your house or building.

Why Are Cockroaches Difficult to Eliminate?
Roaches are difficult to battle because they are quick.
In addition, their nocturnal nature means they do their worst when the lights are out. They are experts at scattering as soon as the lights are turned on. It is known that they can travel at a rate of about one foot per second.
What’s even more problematic is that cockroaches have built up a resistance to many of the chemical poisons that are used to eliminate them. Even poisons that seem effective at first often become useless once a colony has had time to develop natural defenses against it.