Ants May Be Marching Your Way

Ants May Be Marching Your Way

February 25, 2021 pest control 0

Warm weather is almost here and so are millions of hungry ants that have not had a meal in almost 6 months. But you can protect your home from these starved invaders by asking the right questions, knowing their feeding habits, making good landscape and structural modifications, seeking the source, and partnering with a reliable pest management professional.

Getting to the Source of the Problem. Indoors or Out?
Most ants that you see in your home during the spring have come from somewhere outside the house. Outdoor food for ants is not nearly as plentiful as in the summer months and foraging ants will travel great distances in the spring (up to 100 yards) to find prime protein resources, which is important for their egg production. If you’ve seen ants during the winter, you may be dealing with a nest on the inside of your house and inspection and treatment will mostly be performed indoors.

Keeping the Ants at Bay
There are several things homeowners can do to help prevent an invasion of ants. Key steps include but are not limited to:

  • Create at least one foot of space between vegetation and the house.
  • Anderson recommends the use of pea gravel laid down against the side of the house rather than protective mulch.
  • Remove leaf litter from the foundation and gutters.
  • Seal all gaps around pipes and utility lines entering the building.

The SITA Pest Control Solution
Completely eliminating ants from your property is no job for amateurs. Most do-it-yourself ant control approaches only kill the ants you see. Without penetrating and destroying the nests, both inside and outside your house, it’s almost certain that the ants will return.

If ants are marching on your home, call SITA  Pest Control Services. Our trained and experienced technician will:

  • Identify the type of ant or ants causing the problem.
  • Conduct a full property inspection that includes the yard, attached and detached structures, landscaping and inside your home.
  • Apply a barrier treatment outside your foundation to protect your home during the warmer months.
  • Safely apply bait gels and dusts for interior nests.
  • Directly treat nests on the outside of the property.
  • Seal small common entry points if they are contributing to the infestation.
  • Create a full report describing the treatment and how you can protect your home from further infestations.

Ants at Work?
Ant control is also part of SITA Pest Control program which provides protection against pests all year long. Call SITA Pest Control Services today for details on how our commercial protection experts can give you year-round peace of mind at work as well as at home.