The Easiest Way to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

The Easiest Way to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

December 10, 2022 pest control 0

These are not bugs you want to have in your home for a single day, yet a lot of people deal with them for months. Why? Because they don’t take the easy way. They take the hard way. Which way will you take?

The Hard Way

There are a ton of tips on the internet for getting rid of bed bugs. Some references even give actual protocols used by pest control companies. But these are no ordinary pest. Bed bugs aren’t a bug that accidentally got into your home. They live almost exclusively in homes, and they have been doing this since the dawn of time. That is a long time to learn how to avoid our attempts to get rid of them.

Rather than talk about all of the many do-it-yourself pest control measures that are out there, let’s focus on the traits these bugs have that help them avoid extermination.

  • When bed bugs sense a threat, they hide from it. This can drive them deep into your walls. So, even if you think you got them, this is a pest infestation that could come back to bite you, quite literally.
  • Bed bugs are adaptive. If you use pesticides to kill bed bugs, you may make them stronger. Studies have shown that bed bugs are able to develop cuticles (skins) that are resistant to pesticides. So, your pest control measures could produce super bugs. That is probably not your goal.
  • Bed bugs do not feed constantly. When battling bed bugs, it can feel like you’re winning sometimes, but that is just an illusion. Bed bugs come out together to feed. That means, you’re not going to get continual bites. Bite events will usually happen periodically.
  • While bed bugs come out together, they don’t all come out. If you set down traps for these pests, you might kill some bugs. But you definitely won’t kill them all.