Bed Bug Treatment

At SITA Pest Control Services, we pride ourselves at being on the forefront of all detection and treatment services pertaining to Pest Control and keeping your family and patrons safe!

Bed Bug Infestation Causes:

  • Bed Bugs can be brought into your home or business inadvertently through luggage, pets, people, or items.
  • Bed Bugs can infest your home, condo, or office by finding their way from nearby infested locations.
  • Other infestations such as Rodents, Mice, or Bats can introduce your home to Bed Bugs.

Bed Bug Detection:

Bed Bugs are very hard to spot and nocturnal. In most cases Bed Bugs are found in dark warm crevices which makes them very elusive to the untrained eye. At SITA Pest Control Services, our advice is that if you suspect you may have a Bed Bug infestation, it is better to call a professional with Pest Control and Bed Bug treatment experience rather than try to inspect the potential infestation yourself.

SITA Pest Control Services will not only locate the Bed Bug infestation, but we will do our due diligence to find the host and remove the source of the problem not just cure the general infestation.


Treatments of bed bugs, in most cases, will require a combination of services that include pesticides, and potentially removing items that are causing the infestation. Like any Pest Control Issue, each infestation is different and must be handled differently.

With the recent influx of Bed Bug Infestations, many pesticides have become less effective as Bed Bugs have developed a resistance. At SITA Pest Control Services you can be rest assured that we are on the cutting edge of remedies that will resolve your Bed Bug issues.

Our trained and licensed Pest Control Technician will also consult with you and educate you on how future Bed Bug Infestations can be avoided. Like always, our goal at SITA Pest Control Services is to not cure your immediate need, its to keep you bug and pest free!